Photo by Evan Janke

Photo by Evan Janke

Professional Fiduciary

Why a fiduciary? Mark is a professional fiduciary you can trust to care for you and your finances or care for the well-being and finances of a loved one.

Mark Watson is a professional fiduciary trained and licensed (License #744)  to act in the following capacities: 

To be the Conservator/Guardian of a person and/or a person’s finances.

To be the Administrator of a person’s will after his or her death.

To be the Trustee of a trust while a person is alive, upon his or her death, or on behalf of a loved one.

Services & Skills

Project Management to coordinate diverse matters such as: in-home care, finding hospital/nursing home care, property management, asset liquidation, bill paying, investment portfolio management, etc.

Life-Maturity & Wisdom to make solid decisions about a person’s overall care and finances.

Conflict Negotiation to handle various perspectives of family members, friends, and beneficiaries in matters of medical care and money.

Problem Solving Ability to handle complicated and emotional decisions effectively.

Financial acumen to manage one’s total assets through coordinating a team of experts.

A Caring and Enjoyable Personality to bring needed compassion and humor.

Honoring Your Legacy

Connect: With strong relationships throughout the Santa Barbara community, Mark is able to coordinate and connect you with the right partners for your needs. From financial advisors to legal representatives and caregivers, the best plan for you or your loved one will be managed with professionalism, confidentiality and integrity.

Trust: As a fiduciary, Mark’s only interest is the best interest of his client. He works to not only protect his client faithfully, but to work with the family to navigate challenging and often emotional circumstances.